June 29, 2016

Subscription Box: June 2016 Bonjour Jolie Unboxing

Getting your period can suck. I mean, does anyone actually look forward to it? Period subscription boxes are the perfect way to acknowledge your monthly visitor while treating yourself to some awesome treats. Bonjour Jolie has a theme each month, and this month's box is all about Mexico. I am all about learning about new places around the world, and sampling unique treats that I can't usually get my hands on here in New England. Keep reading to see what was included!

First of all, Bonjour Jolie completely hooks a girl up with the feminine hygiene products of her choice. I prefer the U by Kotex pads. Bonjour Jolie gives me an entire box of them, and even included some panty liners, which is generous of them. Unfortunately, I was sent a box of tampons this time around. Oh well! Mistakes happen. The box also included some essentials that you will need to be more comfortable, like Advil and Summer's Eve Cleansing Towels. I also paid a bit extra to have them include 2 Beyond BodiHeat Heating Pads. They are a real life saver!

The box also includes a few pampering items and a gift. I'll list them all below.

  • Mexican Howelite Carved Turtle Bracelet ($7.99)
  • Be a Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad in Bora Bora ($16.00)
  • Bath & Bodyworks White Citrus Shower Gel and Lotion minis ($2.50 each)
The best part has to be the snacks. Most of these are Mexican treats that I have never heard of before. I'll list everything below.
  • Takis Feugos Chips ($1.00)
  • Pelon Pelonetes Tamarind Candy ($1.00)
  • Chupa Chubs Lollipops ($1.00)
  • Bocadin ($1.00)
  • Bauducco Chocolate Snacks ($1.00)
  • Klass Drink Mixes in the flavors; cantaloupe, hibiscus, watermelon, pineapple, and atole ($6.00)
Final Thoughts
Period boxes seem like they would be a waste of money, but I find them to keep me sane while I'm on my period. Plus, it allows me to skip the frantic run to the store to buy pads. Call me lazy, but it's nice to not have to really think about it. There was a bit of a mix up this time around, so I will have to actually go out an buy pads. However, I love being able to try different products and snacks each month. I have never seen Mexican candies where I live in New England. It was such a fun treat!

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  1. What a brilliant box! My current one only includes products, maybe I should look for one that includes some treats! xo



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