March 2, 2016

Twentysomethings Guide

I have been toying with the idea of doing a set of guides for twentysomething women like me on topics that actually mean something to us. I'm the type of person that appreciates real talk. Not sugar coated garbage about how life is going to be all MET Galas, Sex in the City, and cosmos. Life is not like that, or at least for me it isn't.

Life after college can be absolutely terrifying, and filled with so many uncertainties. For many of us, this means trying to find the "perfect" job, possibly moving back home with mom and dad, managing our money, and just generally trying to figure shit out. I'm going to tackle all of these topics and more in my new once a week series; Twentysomethings Guide... Each time will be a brand new topic, and together we can delve into the bag of crazy that is being in your twenties.

Feel free to comment below with any suggestions or topics you would like discussed. You can also email me at or connect with me on social media (click the icons in the sidebar).

Talk soon Xx

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