February 15, 2016

February 2016 Love With Food Unboxing

Snacks delivered to your front door might just be the best thing in the entire world. I always look forward to my Love With Food box arriving each month, and this month LWF celebrated their one-millionth meal donated. I love companies that have a conscience, and I love knowing that my money was going towards buying meals to battle hunger in the United States. Congrats, Love With Food! 

Keep reading to see what was included this month! Xx

February 2016 Love With Food
Popchips Kettle Corn Popped Corn Chips
The combination of sweet and salty is my jam. I love buying Popchips whenever I go to the grocery store, and I am thrilled that they are coming out with a sweet variety. I already tested these out, and they are buttery, sweet, and satisfying.

Belgian Boys Choco Leige Wafel 
Who doesn't love a good waffle? This waffle is light and fluffy, and the layer of chocolate makes it that much more indulgent. This is definitely a sweet treat.

Ruby Rocket's Stellar Strawberry Non-Dairy Fruit & Veggie Blend Frozen Pop
Freeze pops bring me back to my childhood. This Ruby Rocket's one is made from a blend of strawberries and veggies, and is dairy-free. I already have this beauty in the freezer, and I can't wait to try it for dessert.

Baron Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Truffles with Milk Chocolate Creme Filling
Truffles are little balls of pure heaven. I've never tried chocolate from this brand before, but fingers crossed that they replace my favorite Lindt truffles.

YumEarth Googly Grape Organic Lollipop
How stinking chic do organic lollipops sound?! Does this mean I don't have to feel guilty when eating one? 

Gourmet Nut Power Up Trail Mix
Trail mix is a guilty pleasure of mine. I have always been a fan of making my own, but little packs like this are uber convenient. Plus, I love how this only has nuts, sunflower seeds, and dried fruit. No junk!

Stoneridge Orchards All Natural Dried Montmorency Cherries
Dried fruit just tastes good. Like gummies from nature. I found a recipe for cherry muffins on Pinterest, and I think these little beauties will work perfectly.

Liddabit Sweets Sea Salt Caramels
Another salty and sweet treat. Caramels are a universal pleaser in my book. Might have to share these with my mom, who loves caramels as well.

Want to Join?
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