January 15, 2016

January 2016 Love With Food Unboxing

It's snack time, y'all! I am such a foodie, and always look forward to my Love With Food box showing up. In 2016, Love With Food is sticking with the concept of Love is... Each box will have a different theme that sticks with this concept. This month, the theme is Love is kind. This is such a sweet idea, and really keeps things light and positive.

Keep reading to see what was inside!

January 2016 Love With Food
The Better Chip Corn and Sea Salt Chips
Corn chips are always a crowd pleaser. I love eating corn chips with peach or mango salsa. The spicier the better! I'll be saving these for a major snackfest later this week!

Ritter Sport Mini Milk Chocolate with Chopped Hazelnuts
Is there anything better than chocolate and hazelnuts?! This sounds exactly like Nutella to me, which is a complete guilty pleasure of mine.

Annie B's Handmade Sea Salt Caramel
My favorite food combination is salty and sweet. This sea salt caramel sounds right up my alley. I love caramel, but I can't stand when it gets stuck in my teeth. Fingers crossed that this isn't sticky.

GoOrganic Cherry Hard Candies
GoOrganic make the best hard candies. I've received the apple version before, and it's incredible how much it tasted like an actual apple. I love when fruity sweets actually taste like fruit and not artificial crap. The cherry version looks super yummy, and I love that they included an entire bag. So generous!

Nothin' But Foods Cherry Cranberry Almond Cookie 2-Pack
These granola cookies sound so healthy that I almost forget that they are cookies. The cherry, cranberry, and almond combination literally has my mouth watering. The cookies contain simple ingredients, and would be the perfect thing for a quick snack at work.

DiMario Foods Original Premium Smoked Pork Snack Stick
I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical when I saw this pork snack in my box. I'm guessing this this is supposed to be a better quality version of a Slim Jim. I've never been a big fan of meat sticks, but I will try just about anything once. Who knows, maybe I'll love it!

Loacker Mini Wafers
My dad would always buy different flavors of wafers when I was younger. It was a fun treat that he and I enjoyed. I was so happy to see this in the box, and I already know that I will be passing it along to him.

Dipin Tomato and Onion Bruschetta
Who knew that a product like this existed?! My sister and I make bruschetta every now and then, but the whole process can be a bit much. I know, I'm impatient. This tomato and onion spread sounds pretty interesting. I hope that it leans more on the savory side instead of the sweet side, like some tomato products can be sometimes.

Overall Thoughts
Man, I love receiving these boxes. I've been trying to incorporate more healthy and organic foods into my diet, and this box always makes it so easy. There was a nice variety this month, and I'm thrilled they included quite a few savory options. I'm more of a savory girl, but the sweets are much appreciated. I can't wait to dig into the bruschetta dip, corn chips, and cookies. These will be the perfect additions to my lunch bag!

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