January 29, 2016

Banish Dry Winter Skin + Chapped Lips

I love the cold and snow just as much as the next New England girl. It is stunning to look at and fun to play in. However, the cold can do absolutely horrendous things to my skin. I am prone to dry and cracked skin in the winter, and my lips look like a flaky mess around this time of year. Not cute. I have found products over the past couple of months that have really helped to keep me moisturized and help to keep my skin happy.

Thick body creams are an absolute must for me. They really deliver a huge dose of moisture, and the thickness allows them to stick around a lot longer than a typical cream. My current favorites are Cetaphil's Moisturizing Cream* and the Olay Quench Ultra Moisture Body Lotion. Both are pretty affordable, and can be applied all over the body without feeling greasy or heavy.

My hands need a little TLC during the winter as well. I wash my hands quite a bit at work, and this can lead to my knuckles becoming dry and cracked. It is not fun, and hurts like a "you-know-what". My requirements for hand creams are that they dry and moisturize quickly, and that they leave behind no residue. I received the Soap & Paper Factory Shea Butter Hand Cream in a Birchbox recently, and I fell in love with the pretty packaging. The product ha a light floral and green tea scent that is heavenly and makes my hands nice and soft.

Now, I can't forget my poor lips. They seem perpetually dry in the winter, and I always feel like I'm having to apply lip balm to combat it. When I am out and about I tend to reach for the Coola Liplux SPF 15 Peppermint + Vanilla. Not only does it make my lips soft, but it also smells like a peppermint mocha frappichino from Starbucks. So yummy! For days when I need intense moisture, I reach for the Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm. It is quite thick, stays put for hours, and delivers a mega-dose of hydration. I typically apply this in the morning while I am applying my makeup to that my lips are ready for any lip products I might be using.

What are your favorite dry skin or chapped lips products?

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