December 23, 2015

The Christmas Tag

I have always been a fan of a good tag. Emma of Peace.Love.Vintage asked me to complete the Christmas Tag, and how could I say no?! Christmas is my second favorite holiday, behind Halloween of course. I love the twinkling lights, decorating the tree, and happy feeling of the season. It's just such an incredible time of the year. 

Keep reading to see my responses!

1. Do you Prefer a Real Tree or Synthetic?
I honestly wish that I could have a real tree, but my allergies make it impossible. I do have a pretty convincing synthetic tree, however, that I add those pine scented ornaments to. You almost can't tell the difference. 

2. You're in a coffee shop, its December, what do you pick?
SO many choices! I have always been a fan of a peppermint mocha from Starbucks when I don't feel like my usual chai latte. A peppermint mocha can be a bit too indulgent sometimes, so I usually will get the skinny version.

3. What's you favorite color scheme for decorating the house?
This totally depends on the year. Sometimes, I like the classic combination of red and green, but other times I like blue and white with shimmer. It changes. I absolutely love the different decoration collections that target came out with this year. I can easily see myself using each of them. Man, I'm indecisive.

4. To mince pie or not to?
I actually had to google this. I have never come across minced pies near me, but I have heard of them. I would have to try one to really have an opinion.

5. Whats on your plate when Christmas dinner is served?
My family has recently adopted the tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas. We've done of for the past 3 years, and we really love it since it reminds us of A Christmas Story. I will have all of the chow mein and egg rolls, please!

6. Whats your Christmas day style?

I typically look like a hot freaking mess Christmas morning. I put little to no effort in and pretty much just roll out of bed to open presents and have breakfast. We have Christmas at my house every year, so I typically will stay pretty casual. This year, I bought a ridiculous tacky sweater that I CANNOT WAIT to wear on Christmas! Let's just say, cats are involved...

7. Which Christmas movie could you watch again and again?

I have quite a few Christmas movies that I love. ELF and The Santa Clause series are classics. However, my favorite movie, that I have decided is a Christmas movie, is The Holiday. Doesn't every American girl dream of being whisked away to a quiet English cottage where she finds a handsome man? 

8.Do you open presents before or after lunch?

Before. No one in my family has the patience to wait until after lunch. My immediate family opens gifts super early in the morning, and then again when my grandparents come over.

9. Name one tradition your family does each Christmas?

Every year, my sister and I wake up at 6 in the morning to open presents. My dad works nights, so we became use to waking up super early to open presents when he came home. Even though we are much older, we still love waking up at dawn to open presents like we did when we were little.

10. Online Gift Shopping or Christmas Market shopping?
This depends on what I'm shopping for. If there is a killer sale online then I will buy things, but I usually like to wonder around shops and stores to become inspired. I usually have a general idea of what I will be getting everyone, but I like to have a look around to see if anything speaks to me.

I tag anyone that would like to do this!

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