November 2, 2015

October 2015 Glossybox Unboxing

It has been quite awhile since I reviewed a Glossybox. This month, Glossybox has a French pharmacy theme, and as a lover of everything French, I just had to have it. There is something so carefree and chic about French products, and I knew I would regret it if I didn't get it.

I decided to not look at the spoilers for this box so that I could be surprised when it came. I'm so glad I did this! It made unboxing it so much more fun! The first thing I noticed was how stunning the box is. It was designed by Jamie Lee Reardin, and really epitomizes everything that is incredible about France.

Keep reading to see what was inside!

October 2015 Glossybox
Lollipops Make Up Paris Nail Lacquer in Voyage À Paris
Red nail polish is my jam during fall and winter. Red is my power color, and it makes me feel ultra confident. Red commands attention, and shouldn't every independent woman rock it from time to time? I also must admit, I love the name of the company. Lollipops just sounds so gosh darn adorable!

De Bruyère Paris Lipgloss in Red
This color is so pretty! I've never been much of a gloss girl, but every now and then I live life on the edge and rock a bold lip. Yes, I know, I lead an exciting life. I swatched the gloss earlier today, and it is highly pigmented and very vibrant.

Phyto Phytokèratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray
I always use a heat protectant on my hair before I do any kind of heat styling. My hair is colored every couple of months, and it can become fairly dry. Heat styling just makes the damage worse, so protectant is absolutely necessary. I've seen the Phyto line before, but never actually used anything from it. I'm curling my hair tomorrow, so I'll have to give an update after I use this.

Sabe Masson Le Soft Perfume in Lucky Bay
I almost did a double take, or sniff, when I first tried this perfume balm. It smells exactly like fresh cedar wood. I couldn't believe it. I went online to learn more about the notes, and I found that it did indeed include cedar. It also has notes of amber, musk, sandlewood, and patchouli, and lemon. This is definitely a woodsy scent that won't be for everyone, but I think it smell quite nice.

Vichy Idèalia Skin Sleep
Oh how I love Vichy. Their moisturizers are some of my favorites in the dry winter months. The Skin Sleep is a moisturizing balm gel that you apply at night before you go to sleep. It contains caffeine, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 to stimulate cell renewal. I'm always game for products that work while I sleep. It's the perfect lazy girl product.

Overall Thoughts
Oh. My. God. This was the box that dreams are made of! Everything in the box felt so luxurious and unique. I love being able to try products from different countries. I almost wish that Glossybox had a monthly box that featured unique products from a specific country each month. That would be incredible!

I can easily see myself using each of the products at some point over the coming months. I am beyond thrilled with everything, and wish that every month could be French themed! My faves form this box have to be the nail lacquer and the Vichy balm gel.

I might just have to resubscribe to see what it in store for November.

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