September 14, 2015

Birchbox Welcome Box Unboxing

Hi my loves! It's time for another monthly Birchbox unboxing. I renewed my subscription for another 3 months, and this is the welcome box I received. I'm super jealous of everybody's September box that they received, and I can't wait to start receiving the normal boxes again!

Keep reading to see what was included!

Birchbox Welcome Box
Whish Three Whishes Body Butter in Blueberry
I've received a sample of Whish's shaving cream in the past, so I was thrilled to see that they included another product from the line. Also, Ulta now sells Whish products, which is awesome! I've tested this out, and I really like how creamy and moisturizing it is.

Supergoop! Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30
I've received a sample of this serum in the past through Birchbox, and I already know it is a solid product. I like to apply this if I know I won't be wearing makeup and will be outside. Wearing an SPF daily is important to me, and this lightweight serum does the trick. I do find that it can be a tiny bit greasy when it is first applied, but dries matte after a couple of minutes.

Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo
I feel like this is a 'blasts from the past' Birchbox! I tried this clarifying shampoo through them a couple of years ago, and I cannot tell you how amazing it smells. I have color treated hair that would fade if I used a clarifying shampoo, but I do like using this whenever I feel like there is just too much gunk in my hair or before another coloring appointment. I highly recommend this!

Harvey Prince Sincerely Perfume
Harvey Prince makes the best fragrances. Personally, I found this scent to be a bit too mature for me, and it actually reminds me of a scent that my grandmother wears. Not exactly what I am going for, but I will definitely be passing this along.

Marcelle Mini Waterproof Eyeliner in Indigo
Another product I have received in the past. I really like Marcelle products in general, and these eyeliners are incredible. They don't budge at all on my oily eyelids, and the shades are all stunning. I already own this shade, so I already know I will like it.

Overall Thoughts
This is literally a blasts from the past Birchbox. While I am pleased with most of what I received, I would have liked the option to opt into the regular monthly box. As someone who only subscribes 3 months at a time, it would be nice to not have to miss a month by receiving the welcoming box each time I renew. Anyway, I am thrilled to see that they included a Whish product, and a Number 4 sample.

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