September 2, 2015

Bath & Bodyworks Wishlist!

I was going to write some witty introduction about me stumbling upon the Bath & Bodyworks website, but to be honest, I've been ultra lazy today and have literally been window shopping online all day. As you can probably tell I am extremely motivated to get things done today...NOT! I figured since I would attempt to do something quasi-productive and share some of the things I have sitting in my cart for Bath & Bodyworks.
Bath & Bodyworks is one of those stores where I can always find something I like, and it always seems like there is something new to look at. They have a nice selection of products to choose from, and there is literally a scent for every person. My current favorites are Cucumber Melon (a 90s scent they brought back for a limited time), Sweet Pea, and Country Chic. If hoarding BBW scents is wrong, I don't want to be right.

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