August 21, 2015

All Time Faves Tag!

Hello my loves! I'm back with another tag, and this one was super fun to do. I was tagged to do the All Time Faves tag by the lovely Wendy, the blogger behind the blog Fashionable Heart. Wendy does really awesome reviews, so you should totally check her out! I have to apologize to Wendy for how long it took me to complete this tag. It may have taken me months, but I finally have my act together and finished it, haha!

The tag is all about sharing your favorite beauty products, and answering some questions about blogging. Super simple! I had such a hard time narrowing down the favorites that I would be including. I was super excited to read Wendy's post, and find out that we actually had a product or two in common. Enjoy!

Favorite Products
My favorite blush has to be Milani's Baked Blush in Luminoso. The shimmery coral shade is very flattering against my pale skin, and the shimmer acts as a highlighter. It really makes my skin glow, and I get so many compliments when I wear it.


I have developed a love affair with The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer. It can be tricky to find bronzers when you are as pale as me. Everything either seems too dark or too orange. Well, this little beauty is the perfect shade for me, and looks completely natural. Also, it's matte so you don't have to worry about any obnoxious shimmer.


Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua will also be my favorite foundation. The formulation is lightweight and applies like a dream. It gives just the perfect amount of light coverage while still allowing my skin to breath. 


I jumped on the Real Techniques bandwagon a couple of years ago, and I am never getting off. Their brushes are hands down the best I have ever used. Mine have been washed so many times during that period and I have yet to experience any shedding, and they hold their shape like nothing else.


I've never really been a lipstick kind of girl. I'm more of a lip balm person. My favorite balm of the moment is the Soft Lips Cube. The shape isn't great for carrying around, but I love applying this when I start putting on my makeup so that my lips are moisturized by the time I'm finished if I want to use a tint.


My favorite palette for awhile now has been the Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Palette. There is a great selection of matte and shimmer neutral shades. I've always been a neutral shadow fan, and this palette lets me create a nice variety of looks for different events.


I haven't been much of a highlight user recently. An old favorite of mine is the discontinued Dior Shimmer Star in the shade Amber Diamond. I have found a nice dupe by Hard Candy in their So Baked Bronzer called Tiki. Both are great options when i want a bit of illumination.


This is such a difficult one! I have so many favorite mascaras, but my current favorite is Tarte's Lights, Camera, Splashes. It's a waterproof mascara that gives my lashes an incredible amount of curl that lasts all day. It also leaves my lashes feeling soft instead of crunchy which is always a plus.

1. What is your all time favorite thing about Youtube? 
I like how it feels like more of a conversation. When I'm watching a tutorial or a review it helps to see the person talk about it to really understand how to use a product or whether it is worth purchasing.

2. Out of all your makeup products, what is your all time favorite one that you HAVE to have at all times? (You can only pick ONE item.)
This just isn't fair! Only one?! I guess it would have to be Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I have extremely oily skin and eyelids, and I wouldn't be able to wear mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow without it. The nude shade helps to cancel out any veins or discoloration on my eyelids, and acts as a base.

3. What is your all time LEAST favorite thing about Youtube? 
I am not a huge fan of content creators that are always doing sponsored posts. I can never be certain if the reviews they are giving is reliable or if they are simply giving a product rave reviews because they want to keep the relationship with the company.

4. Who is your all time favorite Youtuber? 
I have always been a fan of Ingrid Nilsen and Estee LaLonde. Both of them are unique and quirky, which I love!

5. What is your all time favorite makeup product to apply? 
I love applying my eyebrow makeup. I have fairly sparse brows, and I find that filling in my brows really helps to frame my face and tie everything together.

6. What is your all time LEAST favorite makeup product to apply? 
I literally cannot stand eyeliner. I have tried hundreds of times to apply it, and I just cannot seem to ever make it look nice. I typically don't wear it, and have stuck to applying a light line of dark shadow along my upper lashes for definition.

7. What is your all time favorite brand of makeup? 
I have always been a fan of Urban Decay. I think they make some of the best eyeshadows on the market, and their other products are just as pigmented.

8. What is your all time LEAST favorite brand of makeup? 
I don't really have a least favorite brand. I can pretty much find something in each brand that I at least kind of like.

9. What is the one, all time lesson you have learned from being on YouTube a blogger?
I have learned to put myself out there more. Through blogging I have 'met' countless people from all over the world that have similar personalities and interests in common. If you told me that I would writing about the personal things I sometimes share two years ago, I would have told you that you were crazy!

I tag anyone that would like to do this!

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  1. I seriously have to get that blush. I just keep hearing raves about it! Gah, tell me about it with bronzers and fair skin. I still consider it a mistake to discontinue Amber Diamond. I know there is a substitute, but it just isn't the same. Loved reading your answers! <3

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart


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