July 10, 2015

E.L.F. Studio Blush Palette (Light) + Swatches

Hello my loves! I'm back today with another review from one of my favorite affordable beauty brands, ELF Cosmetics. Now, ELF has been a staple in my makeup collection for years now, and I am the first person to admit that if they come out with a new product I will snap it up in a second.
That is one of the main reasons that I picked up the ELF Studio Blush Palette in the shade Light when I saw it a couple months ago. It's been ages since ELF released anything new that I just had to have, but once I locked eyes with this piece of gorgeousness, I knew I had to have it.
The palette is made of black plastic, and feels quite substantial. This is definitely a palette that takes up some space, but I personally don't mind at all. The palette is divided into 4 sections, and if you are not careful the sections can come a bit loose. As long as you are careful you should be fine.
The palette features 4 generously sized blushes. Each blush included in the palette is completely unique, which I like. There is nothing worse than purchasing a palette and realizing later that you already own similar shades from the brand. The palette includes a cool-toned pink, warm-toned pink, coral, and a great neutral shade. There is no shimmer included in most of the blushes, and from what I can see they are all coming off as matte except for the warm-toned coral which has a slight golden shimmer. I adore matte blushes, so this was a huge score for me. My personal favorite shade is the warm-toned pink. It looks great with the slight tan I have gotten. 
I am very impressed with the pigmentation of these blushes. I had to be careful when applying this so that I didn't look like a clown due to how pigmented they are. Clowns aren't cute...Anyway, I found the staying power to be impressive, and I think I might pack this the next time I go on a trip instead of some of my higher end blush palettes. There is also a Dark version of the palette for folks who want to have a more deep or warm palette.

The ELF Studio Blush Palette retails for $6.


  1. Ooh this looks gorgeous .. and so expensive! Good old ELF - I can't wait until they re-release here in the UK this summer, I've missed them so much!

    1. ELF has definitely been outdoing themselves when it comes to packaging. Is it hard to get ELF in the UK?


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