July 13, 2015

CoulourPop Haul: My First Time & Impressions

Okay guys, things are about to get real up in here. I have officially made my first ColourPop purchases, and I am super freaking excited. Unless you have lived under a rock, you have heard about ColourPop and have probably already made your hundredth purchase. I of course, lie with most things, am the last to join the bandwagon. I'm just always hesitant to purchase items from companies that are strictly online. This girl likes to swatch before committing to anything! I decided to take the plunge and just throw caution to the wind after spending some time on Instagram and lusting after other blogger's hauls. What can I say, I'm a cosmetics-envy monster! I also liked that the products were made in the US. I think it is so important to support companies that make their products in the US.
I decided to start off small and order a few shadows and lip products to test out. The site has free shipping for orders over $30, so I decided to spend that must, and also was given a $5 off coupon code for subscribing to their email list. That is basically a free eyeshadow or lippie! Count me in!
The order came neatly packed with foam to protect the products, which are individually wrapped. The box also included how-to/tip cards for both the shadows and lippies, as well as a personalized card. Too cute! I love when companies add in a personal touch. It really shows that they care about their customers. 

I only chose 2 of their Lippie Stix as I tend to be picky with the colors I use. I like the packaging of these lipsticks. Each comes in a bullet that twists up. The lipsticks also have an angled point that makes it so easy to apply to lips.
L-R: Frida, Brink
I decided to try out the Frida shade after seeing that Coffee Break with Dani collaborated with ColourPop to create the shade. I am all about that pinky nude life, and gravitated towards this before I found out that Dani was behind it. I also love that it is a satin finish. I can easily see myself wearing this on a daily basis. 
The second Lippie Stix shade I chose was Brink. This is advertised as that Kylie Jenner lip shade. Now, I'm not a Kardashians fan, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that the Kylie lip looks super fab. This dusty taupe shade is so 90s, and I love every second of it. I can already tell that I will be using this matte shade to death in the fall. 
Now, onto the eyeshadows! I picked up quite a few, and honestly couldn't help myself. They were all just so beautiful. Each shadow comes in a white pot with a screw top lid. It is vital that these shadow's lids are closed tightly to keep the bouncy and creamy texture. I'll give a brief overview of each shadow I chose, and a swatch.

La La- A stunning metallic rose gold. I love anything that is rose gold. This is going to be a fun shadow to play around with.
Plunge- This shade just screams summer. It has a pearlized finish that is so pretty, and the golden beige shade will look great with a bit of a tan.
Girly- I always enjoy a good highlight. It is described as a vanilla with pink and golden undertones, and I have to agree. I will definitely be using this as a brow bone and inner corner highlight.
Truth- I am always on the hunt for that perfect nude shadow that I can use for subtle looks. This is the only shadow I have used so far, and I may be in love. This looks absolutely stunning, and might be my new favorite eyeshadow. I know, a bold statement to make!
Summer Lovin- Okay, confession time. I bought this shadow for the name. Don't get me wrong, I love a good metallic bronze shadow as much as the next blue eyed girl, but as a fan of the musical Grease I could not pass this up. Also, how cool does it look in the pot?!

I will be updating you guys throughout the summer as I get to use these products, and I'm sure you will see quite a few pop up in future posts. So far, I am very impressed by this company, and the way that they present their products.

Let me know in a comment below which ColourPop products I should try next! Any recommendations on how to use the ones I bought?

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