July 22, 2015

50 Facts About Me: Part 2

I did a 50 Facts About Me post back in 2013, and I was thinking that it has been a long time since I really shared anything about myself other than the lifestyle posts I do every now and then. It's insane to look back at the one I completed 2 years ago, and being able to see how much I have changed. I feel like I am still trying to figure life out, but I am a lot more put together and have a sense of who I am. It will be interesting to see what has changed. I tried to not repeat anything from the previous list, which I will have you know is very difficult to do. 

1. I recently graduated college with a degree in Social Studies and teaching certifications.
2. I have grown to be more comfortable without makeup.
3. I'm a worrier.
4. Chai tea lattes are my weakness.
5. One day I hope to own a red pickup truck. 
6. I cannot stand high heels. They look pretty, but are evil on my feet.
7. Veronica Mars will forever be my favorite television character.
8. I'm a feminist.
9. Museums are my favorite places to visit.
10. I love all animals. 
11. I like to watch historical documentaries when I am home alone.
12. I tend to have a very vivid imagination, and spend quite a bit of my time daydreaming.
13. I always catch myself observing people and their behavior. I find psychology fascinating.
14. Baking has become a passion of mine.
15. In the future, I would like to live in the country.
16. I use Post-It notes for everything.
17. I still take Harry Potter house sorting quizzes. I'm of course a Gryffindor. 
18. I wear flannel shirts almost exclusively in the fall. They are so comfortable! 
19. My heaven will look like a mix between a Trader Joe's and a Target.
20. I still get nervous when I meet new people, and tend to come off cold when in reality I am terrified.
21. I live my life by a calendar. I would forget everything if I didn't write it down.
22. My most prized possessions are family photos.
23. I think my cat is really a person.
24. Vans sneakers are my jam.
25. Taylor Swift is also my jam.
26. French macarons are my absolute favorite dessert.
27. Insects freak me out.
28. I prefer physical books to e-readers.
29. I say 'ouch' even before I have actually gotten hurt. I think I just expect it, and say it in preparation.
30. Big crowds freak me out.
31. I hate to see people cry, and always want to give them a hug.....
32. Even though I am not a hug type of person.
33. It still makes me uncomfortable to take selfies.
34. I am extremely picky when it comes to picking out handbags.
35. Dancing is my favorite kind of exercise.
36. I still pretend that I am a mermaid when I go swimming.
37. I tend to get tongue tied when I'm excited, and end up saying something that doesn't make sense.
38. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is my favorite move of all time.
39. I cry while watching commercials.
40. Cocky people irritate the crap out of me.
41. Brunch makes me happy.
42. I'm a social introvert...Is that even a thing?
43. Washing dirty dishes is the absolute worst thing ever.
44. I keep a secret Pinterest board that I use as a future goals board.
45. I am fluent in sarcasm.
46. I love spending time with my family. They're my favorite people to do things with.
47. The ocean makes me happy. Once again, I might just be a mermaid.
48. I find it extremely satisfying to check items off a list.
49. There is something about an erasable highlighter that excites me. It's the little things, right?
50. I have a list of countries in my room that I want to travel to. 


  1. I seriously love chai lattes too! This is a great list! I agree with a whole lot haha!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination
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