June 29, 2015

Nail of The Day: Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Red Snapper

I am a huge fan of red nail polish. I always joke around with my friends saying that red is my power color. Vibrant and bright red just screams power and independence to me. It's been my go-to color of polish to wear over the past year, and find that whenever I wear it I just feel more confident.

This is the first polish I have tried form the Sally Hansen Triple Shine line, and I have to say that I am impressed. The formulation was the perfect consistency, and the wide brush made it easy to apply. I also liked how this was opaque after the first coat, and the shine was pretty impressive as well. I applied two coats out of habit, and found that I still needed to apply a top coat to seal in the tips so that it didn't chip immediately. So far, I'm impressed by this line, and love how strong the red shade is. I'll have to pick up a few more to test out!

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