June 2, 2015


Hi everyone! It seems like forever since I have posted. I had no idea how much I would miss writing until I took this short little break. I still have a little while more to go, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As in, I'll be finishing school...Not dying. 

I only have less than a week to go until graduation. I have already decorated my cap, but I am still on the look out for the perfect outfit. I'm not much of a dress girl, so I think I might look for an amazing top. Fingers crossed I find something soon. 

What are you guys up to today? I'm finishing up writing lesson plans for my end of program portfolio. Not fun, but it's the only thing keeping me from graduating so I guess it's worth it in the end. Hopefully I'll be able to unglue myself from my computer long enough to enjoy the warmer weather. 

See you all soon!

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