April 1, 2015

Plus Size Fashion: Spring Edition

Thank god spring is finally here. Of course, New England likes to be ridiculous, and still have the occasional snow shower, but I am still holding on to hope for some sunshine. I'm typically not that excited for spring, but recently I have been so ready for the snow to melt. Don't get me wrong, I loved my winter parka for like a hot minute, but now it is time to move on and get back to wearing light sweaters and gorgeous dresses. I've been trying to transition my closet recently to include more business casual pieces as I start job hunting. Of course, I can't stop myself from picking up a few fun additions. There are so many incredible plus size options now, and I seem to always find my wishlist far exceeding the amount in my bank account.

Spring is a time when I like to embrace flowy fabrics, bright colors, and playful patterns.

Let me know in a comment below where you like to shop for plus size clothing!

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