April 13, 2015

April 2015 Glossybox Review!

I just have to start out this post by saying that I am amazed that I received my Glossybox this early. I had just received my last box when I got the email that this one had shipped. Talk about speedy! Anyway, I was beyond thrilled to get my hands on this bad boy early after seeing the spoilers online for one of the products included. 

First, I think we just need to take a moment to appreciate how freaking cool the box looks this month. Glossybox went with a bright pop art theme, and I could not be more thrilled. I've always been a huge fan of pop art, and I can easily see myself saving this box to use as a piece of decor in the future. 

Now, let's move onto the products, because I think this might be the best month I have ever had with any beauty subscription service.
April 2015 Glossybox
My hair is in need of some TLC, and I have heard that argan oil, this product's main ingredient, works wonders. You can apply this hair treatment on wet or dry hair, and this is supposed to tame frizz and repair split ends.

It's officially spring, and that means that it is time for floral scents. The scent was created to evoke the feeling of seeing sunlight reflect on water. How gorgeous and serene does that sound?! I've already tested this, and it smells light and feminine.

I've received products from OCC in  past Glossyboxes, and I have come to love the brand. This gloss is inspired by the translucency of stained glass. I'm a fan of sheer washes of color, and this bright red/orange looks so perfect to wear in warmer weather.

I have heard so many people rave about this night serum from Estee Lauder. I've been looking for a new serum to try, so this actually came at the perfect time. I'll have to update you guys in a few weeks, and share if I notice any results.

I have always found that black liners are far too harsh on me. I typically stick with brow liners, but think that this deep plum might be the perfect thing to use on days when I want to mix things up. I did a small swatch earlier today, and it has yet to budge or smudge.
Last, but definitely not least, was this wicked cool Thursday Friday cloth pouch with a zipper enclosure. It features a pop art lip design. It's honestly like Glossybox knows me, an exactly what I like. I totally would have purchased this if I saw it at a store. I'm not sure yet what I will keep in it, but I know that this will be well loved. Inside was a mystery gift card. I visited the website and found that mine was for 50% off.

Overall Thoughts
This is hands down the best beauty subscription box I have ever received. I'm in love with each product that was included, and have a feeling that some of these beauties will be favorites in the months to come. It is so hard for me to pick a favorite product, but I think I might have to pick the Aerin perfume. I'm a lover of scents, and I cannot stop smelling this one. Excellent job Glossybox!


  1. That is definitely a cool box design, not to mention the pouch. This is an awesome box all around... "Waterlily Sun" sounds like the perfect fragrance for this time of year!


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