January 7, 2015

Nail of The Day: Touch of Rose Gold

Is there anything better than rose gold? That is a rhetorical question, because of course there isn't. 
For this Nail of The Day I layered O.P.I.'s Gaining Mole-Mentum, a clear base with shards of rose gold, gold, and silver glitter from the O.P.I. Muppets Most Wanted Collection, over Essie's Fiji, a pastel pink. I adore this combination, and find that it really adds a bit of edge to a standard pastel manicure. I can't wait to see which other polishes I can layer this glitter over. A black, maybe?


  1. Oh Gosh, this is seriously beautiful! I need that polish!

  2. Beautiful! Do you have any navy polishes? I bet it would look nice over navy if you don't want to do regular old black.

    1. I do. I'll have to test this out! Xx

  3. I was cracking up at that first sentence! I love this mani!


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