January 21, 2015

Guest Post (The Sunny Scenery): Top 3 Beauty Must-Haves!

Hello hello wonderful readers of XOXO Meaghan.

Today I'm hanging out here but if you're looking for Meaghan, you can come visit my blog, The Sunny Scenery if you wanna read her post for today! She's sharing her Top 3 Beauty products over there (as well!) so go check it out and feel free to explore the world of Sunshine while you're there ;)

In the meantime, I'm sharing my current Top 3 Beauty products with y'all so check 'em out below! These are things I pretty much have been rocking on a daily and they're staple products of my daily makeup regime.

#1 -  MAC Lipstick in Midi-Mauve

This has been a major Fall/Winter favorite but as each season comes and goes, I'm finding more and more inclination to wearing this! I love the subtle hues of mauve in it but it's generally a very neutral nude-y tone with deeper  purple-y undertones so I find it to be a great shade for my skintone and y'know, it just makes me happy! If you have a slightly deeper complexion and find most "nudes" to not work for your complexion, this is worth a try--definitely swatch it the next time you're at a MAC counter!

#2 - Covergirl TruBlend Foundation in M4 Sand Beige

If you have any yellow undertones to your skin, this is a great foundation to try on its own or to mix in with foundations that might be too cool for your skin! I have medium-toned asian skin and its near impossible to find fairly affordable foundations that actually blend seamlessly into my skin. I prefer to keep my foundation purchases under $10 as to not go too crazy at the drugstore (and given that it's the DRUGSTORE, I expect affordability!) I got this particular foundation for a $6 STEAL so I'm extra giddy! Given the extra dry winter months, I've been breaking out all over so this is great buildable coverage for spot-treating or all over the skin!

#3 - Covergirl Professional All in One Mascara

I am a HUGE fan of Covergirl Mascara! It's the only Mascara where I can settle for a bristle-brush and get the volume I want without crazy clumps. I've been loving this more and more because I have fairly thin and a less-than-abundant set of natural lashes. But this.... yes THIS, makes me achieve that subtly-natural but falsie-esque look thats perfect for everyday :D I'm super pleased with this!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! What are some of your favorite beauty products at the moment? Leave them in the comments down below :)

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