December 22, 2014

PINCHme Box #6

It has been ages since I reviewed a PINCHme box on here. My schedule makes it pretty hard to meet the deadline for samples and since they go so quickly I usually miss out. By some fluke I decided to log into my account on night and found out that there were actually samples left! That literally never happens! Let's see what I got!
Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash (Cooling White Strawberry & Mint)*
I typically hate mint scented things, but for some reason I like mint scented body washes. This is a pretty generous sized sample which I'm happy about.

Paper Mate Inkjoy 300RT Pen*
I go through pens so quickly. This already has a new home in my handbag. I can always use a pen.

Overall Thoughts
Free samples are one of the best things in life. I am always so happy with the products I get to try through PINCHme, and highly recommend them. I can't wait to test out the body wash, and already know that I will use the pen frequently. All in all, a solid box.

*Courtesy of PINCHme. All opinions are my own.

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