December 1, 2014

November 2014 Glossybox Review!

It's Glossybox time! I swear my mailman puts this into my mailbox as quick as possible so that he doesn't have to deal with my squealing while running to get it. I can't help myself...It's like Christmas once a month! I kept away from spoilers for most of the month so this time it's actually a surprise for me.
November 2014 Glossybox
OPI for Glossybox Nail Polish in Pink Outside the Glossybox (Full Size)
I like pink, and I like nail polish. SOLD! I will gladly test this polish that Glossybox created with O.P.I.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer (Sample Size)
Is Glossybox trying to tell me something with all of the moisturizer samples I have been receiving?! Haha! I am always down to try a new moisturizer out. I've been using anti-aging products for about a year now as a preventative measure so I'll be sure to give this a try. It's also supposed to brighten which sounds great to me!

12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment (Sample Size)
Again, I'm always game to try a new hair treatment. My hair is wicked dry at the moment so I'll have to see if this does the trick to add some moisture.

Kneipp Lavender Balancing Herbal Bath (Sample Size)
Oh how I wish I had a bath! I love the scent of lavender. Might be tempted to add some of this in my shower to make a relaxing steam treatment.

So Susan Universal Blush (Full Size)
Can a blush really be universal? At first glance this looks a bit too sparkly and a bit orange, but once I swatched this I found that it the blush began to come across almost pink. Very interesting! This would be good for a natural makeup day when you just want a slight flush. I would recommend using this sparingly if you are fair like me. 

Overall Thoughts
I'm pretty pleased with this box. The nail polish, hair treatment, and herbal bath are all things I would purchase myself so I know I will like them. The blush and moisturizer are up in the air and could either be a hit or a miss. I'll have to test them out and report back!

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