December 8, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: Gift Guide for Dad

Dad's are the most difficult people to buy gifts for. If your dad is like mine than they either already bought what they wanted or just tell you not to get them anything. I looked high and low on the internet, and came up with this list of gifts that are sure to make any dad happy.

Gift Guide for Dad
Getting the perfect shave is hard to do, but this kit makes it wicked easy! This is a nice treat to give a dad that needs some pampering.

My dad has a huge sweet tooth so this soft serve ice cream maker would be perfect for him. Imagine how useful this will be in the summer!

Scent is such a personal thing so why not let dad pick out his own fragrance. This set includes samples of Sephora's most popular colognes. All your dad has to do is test out the colognes, pick his favorite, and redeem the coupon included for a full size of his favorite.

My dad loves grilling. This cookbook would be a great gift for the griller in your family. I looked through this cookbook, and all of the recipes looks so delicious.

This is a personal gift for me. I remember swinging on a hammock with my dad when I was younger. This would be a perfect nostalgic gift!

It seems like everyone and their cousin has jumped on the Fitbit bandwagon. This would be a great gift for a high tech dad who wants to monitor his fitness and sleep.

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