October 15, 2014

Influenster Mary Kay Clear Proof Voxbox: Review!

Hey guys! Today, I have an exciting post for all of you. I was asked recently if I would like to take part in the Mary Kay Clear Proof Voxbox program. Of course, I just had to say yes!

The Clear Proof Acne System has 4 steps; a facial gel, toner, treatment gel, and oil free moisturizer. This system is meant to target and control acne without drying out skin.

Clear Proof Voxbox
Clear Proof Clarifying Cleansing Gel
"A clear cleanser that deeo ceanses skin to remove dirt, excess oil and impurities. This salicylic acid formula helps reduce shine and unclogs pores to help you achieve clearer skin."

Clear Proof Blemish Control Toner
"A salicylic acid-based formula helps remove dead skin cells to help keep pores from clogging and prevent new pimples from forming. This toner cleanses skin completely to help tighten pores and appear less noticeable to give you healthy, clear skin."

Clear Proof Acne Treatment Gel
"A lightweight benzoyl peroxide product that penetrates and clears pores to target bacteria and visibly reduce a pimple's redness. This highly effective cream absorbs quickly to help reduce the number of acne pimples, allows the skin to heal and prevents new breakouts from occurring."

Clear Proof Oil-Free Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin
"A fast-absorbing, lightweight, non-pore-clogging formula that helps provide the balanced hydration your skin needs. This formula helps control shine and excess oil to leave your skin feeling nourished and healthier."

I am very excited to start using this. My acne has been acting up recently on my cheeks and t-zone so I hope this works to clear it up. I'm going to use this for 30 days, and give you all an update then.

The Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System retails for $45.
"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."


  1. Sorry if my comment is on here twice I'm not sure if the first one got posted but I finally received my Mary Kay Clear Proof Voxbox and I am SO bummed! The face wash has parabens in it :( So i will be doing the 30 days with my own face wash and using the rest of their products… no way will I be putting any parabens on my face!

    1. No problem! I totally get the whole parabens thing. I decided to just give it a shot for the month. Thanks for commenting! Xx


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