October 22, 2014

Coffee Body Scrub: DIY Recipe!

I'm a huge fan of homemade skincare and DIY gifts. They tend to be the gifts that I remember the most, and show real thought and care went into making them. Today, I thought I would share with all of you my homemade coffee scrub recipe. I love making gifts for people, and this coffee scrub will be a hit with any coffee lover.

What You Will Need
-Coffee Grounds (I used fresh coffee which works just as well)
-Olive Oil
-Empty Jar
-Label (optional, but this is the one I used)

How To Make It
Confession time, there is no real recipe that I use when making this. Of course, you will need more coffee then anything else. I add about half that amount of sugar to the jar. You can add less if you want this to be a gentler scrub. Then, I eyeball the amount of olive oil. I typically like to see that the mixture is beginning to stick together. Again, this is all based on preference so add as little or much as you like.

Now, to finish the scrub off I went on Pinterest and found an adorable label to add a cute finishing touch to the mason jar. I think it makes it feel more personal and like a gift. Feel free to add a ribbon or gift tag to this as well.

How To Use It
Before you use this I would recommend getting a strainer for your drain to catch the coffee grounds so that it doesn't clog your drain.

I like using this on days when I want to pamper myself or need an energy boost. The coffee wakes me up, and smells absolutely delicious in the shower. The olive oil soothes any dry skin I might have an adds a mega dose of moisture. The sugar works as a gentle exfoliator that leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and helps to get rid of dead skin.

How long does it last?
I find that this scrub keeps for about 1 to 2 weeks , but I wouldn't keep it much longer then that. I suggest making this the night before if you are giving this as a gift.


  1. This sounds amazing! I'm with you on the drain strainer though. Not sure if it would be tacky or helpful to include one with the gift? LOL!


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