June 4, 2014

Meaghan's Top 5: High End Favorites!

Today is the first post in a series I am doing where I will be sharing my Top 5 Favorites in different beauty categories. If you have any requests for future Top 5's let me know in a comment below!

While I usually gravitate towards drugstore beauty products there are a few high end favorites of mine that have stood the test of time and remain some of my absolute must-have products. I have raved about all of these products before on this blog, and will probably continue to do so. When products are that good they deserve to be shared. Below I have compiled a list of my top 5 favorite high-end products that I find myself buying over and over again. What is your drugstore favorite? Let me know in a comment below!

Top 5 High End Favorites

This was one of the first high-end foundations I ever used, and is by far the best. Not only does it have the nicest natural finish, but it makes my skin look amazing!

Oh how I love this highlight! I like this product because it can not only be used for it's intended purpose, but also as an eyeshadow! Whether on the cheeks or on the eyes it is sure to add a glowing effect.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
I have oily eyelids so it is important to prime my eye area every time I want to wear eyeshadow. I have used drugstore primers in the past, but nothing compares to Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I don't experience any smudging or creasing throughout the day and my eye makeup always looks fresh.

Okay, can we take a moment to discuss how this lipstick has the most luxurious packaging on the planet?! I feel so glamorous when I pull this out of my makeup bag. The formulations is also impressive as it's creamy and highly pigmented.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume
If I had to chose one perfume to wear for the rest of my life it would be this one. It is light and fresh with just the right amount of floral. Every time I smell this I instantly think of sunshine, summer vacations, and time spent at the beach.

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  1. I've had my eye on the Dior Shimmers for a while, I need to just go for it!

    1. Absolutely! I use mine almost every day and I have barely made a dent in it. It is such a great value for the amount of uses you can get out of it.


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