June 25, 2014

I Feel Beautiful When...

Beauty is an abstract concept that means something different to everyone. I spent most of my childhood and teen years trying to achieve this unattainable image of beauty that I had in my head. I had assumed that if I made my outward appearance a perfect as possible that everything else that caused me problems would fall into place. Boy was I wrong. I wasted years making sure that my nails were perfectly manicured and that my makeup looked impeccable even if I was just going to the mailbox when I should have been focusing on the things that would bring me joy and inner beauty. 

As a blogger who spends quite a bit of time talking about beauty products it can be easy to forget what is important in life. I decided that it was time for me to reflect and ask myself a simple question. What makes me feel beautiful? It's time for me to look beyond the superficial things that can bog down my mind, and really figure out what makes me feel beautiful. I would love to hear what makes you feel beautiful. I encourage everyone to do something similar to this whether it is in a post of your own, a comment below, or something you do privately.

I Feel  Beautiful When...
~I spend time with my family
~I bond with my sister
~I can make someone feel better and be there for them
~I can be a listening ear for someone
~I can make someone smile
~I get to work with children and see them grow
~I can make someone laugh
~I can help someone to not feel alone
~I dance around in public like no one is watch
~I sing along to my favorite song
~I am able to be myself
~I am confident and strong


  1. I loved this post very inspiring. It is very important to focus on this kind of beauty :)

  2. Love this, beauty and makeup is fun, but other things are more important :) It's awesome to be able to acknowledge that!

    1. Exactly! There are so many more important things out there. Xx

  3. Oh my gosh I just recently wrote a post just like this! ( Great minds think alike!!!!) I could not agree more. There are so many things that make me feel beautiful that have nothing to do with outward beauty. Amazing post girl!!!!

    1. Thank you Julie! I will take inward beauty over outward beauty any day! Xx


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