May 7, 2014

Un-bee-lievable: Nivea's A Kiss of Milk & Honey Lip Balm!

Did ya see what I did there with the title? Cus bees make honey. Oh yeah, I went there. I love a good pun! Moving on now! Just like I like a good pun I also like a good lip balm. I recently ran out of my Maybelline Baby Lips and decided that I would branch out and try something new instead of repurchasing t like I usually do. I had never tried a lip balm from Nivea before, but I have seen other bloggers rave about them. 

The lip balm I settled on was the Kiss of Milk & Honey. I absolutely love the scent and taste of honey so it was a no brainer to pick this one.
The balm looks waxy in the tube, but glides on smooth and doesn't leave behind a greasy residue like some lip balms do. I find that this lasts on my lips for about 2-3 hours before I have to reapply which is pretty normal for most balms. My lips always feel softer and less dry after I use this, and the delicious scent doesn't hurt. I am so glad that I chose this lip balm, and it has become a favorite in my handbag.

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