May 17, 2014

My New Hair!

Hi everyone! If you follow me on Instagram than you already know that I went to the salon and came out with a brand new hair style! It has been over 6 months since the last time I went to the salon, and my hair was looking so bad that I have been rocking a bun for quite awhile now. I know, I know. I should have gone in ages ago, but I have been so busy with regular life crap that I wasn't able to get myself to sit down long enough to get it done.

I knew that I wanted to stick with my usual red hair coloring that brightens up my face and is so flattering with my skin tone. There is something about red hair that makes me feel so confident and sassy. I absolutely love it!

The one thing I did want to switch up was my hair style. I have had my hair styled the exact same way for almost 4 years now and it was time for a change. I am awful at describing hair styles so I thought I would include a few photos that were my inspiration. All of these hair styles are medium length with shorter layers that frame the face. I think this cut looks so chic and will be nice and light now that it is starting to get warmer.
And now, drum roll please....Here is my new hair! I am obsessed with it, and cannot stop playing around with it. My hairstylist did an incredible job, and I could not have asked for anything better!


  1. The cut looks great on you! I'm also heavily considering getting my hair chopped - you've posted some great 'inspo' picks for me so thank you for that!
    P.S I really love the background of your blog!

    1. Thank you! Totally go for it! Xx

  2. Love the new 'do! My hair is probably due for a chopping too but I'm uninspired as to which style I want...

    1. I totally understand! It took me so long to decide on this one.


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