May 31, 2014

My Favorite Links!

Hello everyone! Today is a pretty relaxed day for me so I thought I would sneak in a weekend post and share with all of you what things on the internet I have been loving lately. I have a little of everything below from DIY projects to cute baby videos. Enjoy, and let me know in a comment below what you have been loving lately!
My Favorite Links

I'm sure you have heard about this by now so I won't go into specifics. I think Meghan Tonjes' response to what happened was not only classy, but it was awesome. Click the link in the title to see what I mean.

Nothing gets me more excited than a DIY project, and this watercolor sweatshirt is right up my alley. It is so adorable, and looks really easy to do.

The Saccone Joly's
The Saccone Joly's are a family that daily vlog their lives on YouTube. Anna and Jonathan document their lives as well as the lives of their adorable children Emilia and Eduardo. Their videos always brighten up my day so you should definitely go and watch them.

What A Dance By A Chubby Korean Baby
This is another video that has been popular lately and I cannot get over how stinking cute this baby is! I must have watched this 6 times so far today.

25 Famous Quotes That Will Make You Even Prouder To Be A Feminist
As a proud feminist I loved seeing this compilation of famous quotes by women on Buzzfeed. All of the women mentioned are so incredibly inspiring and so are their quotes.

6 Ways To Use An Empty Candle
Lily Pebbles shows us 6 ways to upcycle an empty candle holder. I have so many Bath & Bodyworks ones laying around so this is perfect for me.

4 Energy Breakfasts
I hated breakfast in the past, but now I am obsessed with it. All of these recipes look super yummy and healthy!

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