March 15, 2014

XOXO Meaghan Turns 1!

I honestly cannot believe that today is the 1 year anniversary of me starting my blog. It seems like just yesterday I was bored sitting in my dorm room and decided to give blogging a try. It is to date one of the best decisions I have ever made. The past year has brought so many incredible opportunities for me. I have become more confident in my writing and love to see the growth from my first post to now. I also cannot believe how many incredible people I have met through this blog. You all are the best! I honestly can't believe how many incredible people I have spoken with. I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store.
Thank you for all of your support!


  1. Congrats, Meaghan! 1 year is something to be proud of! :)

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  2. Happy blogiversary! So happy and grateful to have our paths cross in the blogging world. It's crazy how fast time flies!

    1. Thank you so much Wendy! I'm glad we met as well. Good luck with your move! Xx


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