March 18, 2014

Victoria's Secret Pure Daydream Fragrance Mist: Review!

Fragrances are one of my favorite types of beauty products. Each perfume and fragrance I own trigger a happy memory for me and can always be counted on to make me smile. Isn't it incredible how something as simple as a perfume can make you remember something from your past? I have my signature scents for each season that instantly bring me back to those times, and Victoria's Secret's Pure Daydream was the scent I wore all summer long. It instantly makes me think of days spent by the pool or spent out in the sunshine. Oh, it smells so good.
Pure Daydream is a fragrance mist in the VS Fantasies Collection with notes of pearl orchid and pink currant. This is definitely a fruity-floral scent that is sweet but not overpowering. The lasting power of these fragrance mists are impressive as they last for a few hours which can't always be said for other mists on the market. I like to keep a perfume atomizer in my purse of this for quick touch-ups on the go. This is my second bottle of this fragrance mist and I absolutely love it!

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists retail for $12 or you can buy 3 for $25.

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  1. I know what you mean some scents just bring me back to a certain time and place :)

  2. I also have this VS spray mist and love it! I also love your blog! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, if you want to know more you can check it out here:…liebster-award/

  3. This is the sort of information I've for some time been endeavoring to find. Thankful to you for making this information.


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