March 4, 2014

Sephora's 2014 Beauty Insider Birthday Gift!

Confession time, it is not my birthday nor is it my birth month. Now, you may be wondering how I got my hands on Sephora's Beauty Insider birthday gift. Well, my Mom's birthday is coming up, and she never uses her gift voucher for Sephora so I always end up getting it. Thank you Mom! This is my blog's birthday month however so I guess it is quite fitting. I already had to slip into Sephora to exchange an eye makeup remover so I figured why not pick up the birthday gift as well!
This years gift is a duo of Make Up For Ever's Smokey Extravagant Mascara and Rouge Artist Lipstick Natural in # 9 Copper Pink.
I normally only wear waterproof mascara because of my oily skin and eyelids, but I decided to give this a try. I am quite impressed by the formulation. The wand is the star as it starts off wide and becomes thin which is great for building up outer lashes and getting close to the inner lashes for a dramatic eye look. It didn't flake on me at all, and held up quite well throughout the day.
The lipstick is the star of the duo. Copper Chic is a slightly rosy neutral pink. This is such a good neutral lipstick that would work perfectly with a smokier eye look. I found it to be creamy and moisturizing which is a must when it comes to lipsticks.

Overall, I am impressed with this duo, and how well they work together. I wonder what the birthday gift will be next year?


  1. Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeee this year's is GOOD! And my mom totally didn't go on her birthday boooo! Now I have to wait til mine til September =(

    1. same! Mine is november. that lipstick is on point :P thanks for the review!

    2. I'm so impressed by this years gift! Sephora has been on point the past few years. Xx


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