March 10, 2014

Products I Regret Buying #1

I try to remain as positive as possible on this blog, but sometimes I just can't bite my tongue when I have used a crappy product. If you are like me than you spend quite a bit of money on beauty products, and there is nothing worse than forking over your hard earned money only to find that the product stinks. I usually do my research when it comes to the products I buy, but sometimes even that doesn't help. I thought that I would share some of these bad products with you guys. If I can save any of you a few bucks than I have done my job. 

I also want to say that all of the opinions in this post are based solely off of my experiences with these products. Everyone is different, and some of you may really enjoy these items. I'm just giving my opinion on how they worked for me.

The Products I Regret Buying

Aussie Sprunch Mousse & Leave-In Conditioner
Let me start off by saying that I usually love Aussie hair care products. I am a huge fan of their 3 Minute Miracle. The Sprunch mousse is the first product from the line that I just haven't liked. This product is supposed to add softness and hold to curls. Unfortunately, it didn't add any hold to my curls and actually made it look very messy. It does smells good and make my hair soft, but it doesn't do anything for my curls.

Redkin Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist
I didn't technically purchase this as it came as a sample in a Birchbox a long time ago. I had high hopes for this shine spray as it is from Redkin, but it was a disappointment. The first problem I have with it is the smell. It smells vile like rotten fruit. It really is gag worthy. The other problem I have with this is how greasy it makes my hair. It works well when carefully and sparingly applied to the ends of my hair, but honestly it isn't worth the time and effort to try and use this.

E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit (Medium)
Yeah, I know, E.L.F. products aren't that expensive, but I still wished I had saved the $3 I spent on this. I never used the wax side as I've never been too comfortable with them, but I did use the powder side quite a few times. I originally had high hopes for this, but I found the powder to not have very long stay power and it looked a bit off with my eyebrows. I am bummed that this didn't work for me as it would have been great to find a cheap eyebrow powder.

Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quads
There was so much hype surrounding these eyeshadow quads from Revlon when they were first released. I picked up two of them (Addictive & Adventurous) and couldn't wait to use them. I was disappointed to see that a lot of the shades were quite chalky and faded very easily even with a primer. Now, I will say that some of the darker shades are nicely pigmented, but as a whole they aren't worth the price of the quad.

NARS Blush (Super Orgasm)
This is another product that I feel like I need to have a side note for. I adore NARS blushes. Their original Orgasm is one of my all-time favorites. I picked up Super Orgasm on recommendation from a girl at Sephora that said it would add a nice glow to my cheeks. I used this for quite some time in high school (hence why I hit pan), and it wasn't until one of my friends pulled me aside to say that I looked like a disco ball that I knew there was a problem. The color is lovely, but the chunky glitter has way too much fall out and looks like I put crafting glitter all over my face.

What products do you regret buying? Do you like any of the products I talked about today?


  1. interesting post! thanks, very useful :)


  2. My product regrets usually have to do with badly matched drugstore foundation - I have more of those than I'd like to admit. :P I guess glitter isn't cool with the young folks these days, eh? I remember going to high school dances and SLATHERING myself with clear glitter gel, haha. That might not have been cool for everyday wear though...

    1. I have so many foundations that are the wrong color for me. Glitter is okay in small doses for me. Too much and it makes my already oily skin look like a first graders craft project gone wrong. Xx

  3. LOL! Ok the NARS thing kind of made me laugh - but what a bummer! I am really glad I read this because I have contemplated orgasm vs. super orgasm and now I know what I'll get when I buy!

    1. Orgasm is definitely the way to go! It is such a stunning color, and goes with almost every makeup look.

  4. Great post! Ooo I'll be staying away from Super Orgasm. That glitter won't go well with my oily skin >_<

    1. Orgasm is a much better option. No disco ball effect! Xx

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