February 17, 2014

I Dream Of Pastels: Nail Polish!

There is nothing more beautiful to me than pastels. If I could I would surround myself with all things pastel and girly. Just check out my Pinterest for evidence. The easiest way to wear pastels, which I think will be a huge trend this spring (isn't it always?), is to wear it on your nails!
L-R: Mint Sorbet, Borrowed and Blue, Go Ginza, Fiji
Aren't they just gorgeous! I could stare at them forever. As you can see this is very Essie heavy. I think they do some of the best pastel polishes as they are opaque in one or two coats and don't come off streaky. My favorites are Go Ginza, Fiji, and Borrowed and Blue. Sally Hansen also has a few fantastic pastel nail polishes in their line and they are super affordable. I love Mint Sorbet as it isn't too bright, but still pops. 


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