February 26, 2014

Almay Intense i-Color Smokey-i Kit in Browns: Review + Swatches!

I usually stick to brands that I know and love, but once I saw this eyeshadow kit from Almay I knew that I needed to give the brand a try. I have blue eyes, but this kit for brown eyes caught my eye because it contained a stunning bronze and a shimmery purple. Also, did I mention the highlight shade, because it's beautiful!
The Almay Intense i-Color Smokey-i Kit's contain 3 shades that all work together and are lovely on their own. One thing that I like about these kits are that the shadows are all clearly labeled and even the packaging is shaped as to where they suggest you should apply the shadows. So cool!
Like I said earlier, the kit contains a bronze with a slight rosey shimmer, a shimmery purple, and an ultra shimmery champagne/nude hybrid. At first I was a bit confused as to why the lilac purple was included, but once I applied it I could see why it as in the kit. It adds a certain depth and brighteness to overall look. I do like to take a brown shadow and run it through my crease just to create a bit of contrast between the shades.
The shadows are very buttery, and extremely easy to blend. I experienced zero fallout with these shadows, and was really impressed with how vibrant they looked at the end of the day. These kits are the perfect addition to anyone's collection and are so straight forward. I cannot wait to try out others from this line!

Almay Intense i-Color Smokey-i Kits retail for $4.99 and can be found at Ulta.

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