January 10, 2014

XOXO, Meaghan

Welcome to XOXO Meaghan! I originally started this blog as a place where I could write about what I love, whether that be a beauty product or me chronicling many failed attempts at baking. I'll be honest with you, I never thought anyone would read what I was writing, and now almost a year later I have been shocked at the sheer number of you who visit my blog daily. I honestly cannot thank you enough. You all make me smile each and every day. 
These pictures are the best representation of my life right now, quirky.
In 2014 I want to continue to have fun and share more of myself with you guys. I can be a bit guarded when it comes to letting people get to know me, but it's time I let you all in to my life. I am silly, quirky, and at times a bit of a mess. What can I say, I'm human. This blog is not a place for perfection, but rather a place to celebrate imperfections. No one is actually perfect.

So, what can you expect from XOXO Meaghan? Well, I'm glad you asked! I'm going to continue writing about the things I love, places I go, recipes that just don't turn out right, and possibly some fashion posts in the future.

I'm just a girl with a passion for beauty products and glitter who wants to share her love with the world. Oh, and the occasional cat photo of course. So, kick back, relax, and get ready to have fun!

Thank you for all of your support. I love you guys!

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  1. Thats a lovely post. People are reading! (I am!) :) Happy 2014

    1. Thank you for reading Hollie! Happy 2014 to you too! Xx

  2. Cute post and shots :) happy 2014!

    Check out my new post if you want, I'd like to know what you think about it :)
    Greetings from Italy!

    New Post: Fluffy Winter



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