January 6, 2014

What I've Been Loving: 2013!

2013 has been one heck of a year. I have gone through so many changes this year that have made me a much stronger person. I feel ten times more confident in myself now than I have ever before. Let me tell you, it's a great feeling. I honestly have not been happier! 2013 was the year of growth, and I'm so glad it happened (even though it was pretty darn tough!)

One thing that did not change though is my love for beauty products, good music, and addictive television. I thought it would only be fitting to share with you guys my favorite things of 2013! I figured it might be easiest to break it down into categories, so buckle up because this is going to be one long post. I cannot wait to see what 2014 brings!


I could not stop reaching for this blush over the Summer. This coral blush has a slight sheen to it that gives it a glowing effect on the skin. It is truly stunning. I also found that it worked well with almost every makeup look. The quality of this blush rivals some of the higher end blushes I own. 

Dior Shimmer Star (Amber Diamond)
This luminizing powder makes me feel so fancy when I use it. Not only is the packaging luxurious, but so is the product. It features different champagne and bronze shades that when mixed together create a gorgeous glow.

Oh how I love this mascara. It adds a crazy amount of volume to my lashes and length. It doesn't smudge or flake at all throughout the day which is a huge bonus. It is the best drugstore mascara I have found.
Bikini So Teeny is such a unique nail polish. It is a stunning pale periwinkle blue that pops on the nails. Oddly enough it goes with so many outfits. I find myself reaching for this all the time whenever I am in a nail polish rut.

I am always looking for ways to brighten my eye area, and this nude liner did the trick. I wear it on my lower waterline, and find that it really brightens my eyes and makes them look bigger. Also, since it's waterproof it lasts all day.

This eyeshadow palette has been the star of 2013 for me. I use it every single day, whether it be for an eyeshadow look or my brows. I honestly cannot say enough about this. It really is a must-have in my opinion.

Dr. Hunter's Original Remedies Rosewater and Glycerin Hand Creme
I may have only had this lotion for a couple of weeks, but it has risen to the top of my favorite body products list. This rose scented lotion smells divine, and leaves my hands silky soft without being greasy or heavy. I use it every single day and bring it with me everywhere in my handbag.

My favorite television show of 2013 has to be Scandal. I've mentioned this show in a previous monthly favorites post and for good reason. The show revolves around Olivia Pope, a professional "fixer", who works with politicians and public figures to fix whatever problem they are having. This show has everything from witty dialogue, a steamy affair with the President of the United States, cut-throat politics, and even murder. I can easily say that it is my favorite television series. It is so well written, and every episode leaves you wanting more.

My favorite artist this year has been Mindy Gledhill. Her music has to be the happiest music I have ever found. I have my favorite songs by her on a playlist that I always play when I am getting ready. Her music also makes for great music to dance to in the morning, haha! My favorite song is Whole Wide World!

I have a very strong love for Instagram. It is such a fun way to share parts of my day, and see what my favorite bloggers and celebrities are up to. Feel free to follow me @XOXOMeaghanPics. I post frequently about my cat and cosmetics. What more could you want?

What products did you love in 2013?




  1. The original Naked palette is always at the top of my list. The others are great, but you just can't beat the original in my eyes. So versatile! Oh man, I don't think there is a single episode of Scandal that doesn't leave my jaw dropped. And boy do I live for those Olivia and Fitz scenes- HOT! :)

    1. Right! It's one of the best written shows on TV...and Fitz isn't half bad looking either, haha!

  2. That Dior shimmer star is gorgeous! I've heard everyone raving about that Rimmel nude liner!


    1. The Rimmel liner is perfect for making eyes appear wider and more awake! Thank you for reading Lupe! Xx


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