December 31, 2013

Happiness Jar: New Years Update!

A year ago I decided to try and become a more positive person. It's not so much that I was negative, but I always would look at the negative side of things instead of the positive. I knew when the New Year rolled around that I needed to become more positive, and change my attitude. I was searching Pinterest one day when I stumbled across the idea of a Happiness Jar. You can read my original post about it here

To make a long story short, my Happiness Jar changed my life. Now, that may like a bit of an exaggeration, but it really did. The past year has been filled with the best and worst times of my life. Through all of it though I decided to try and find at least one positive thing from each situation. This led me to look on the bright side of things, and really enjoy life. I even created a playlist of music to listen to on not-so-great days that would lift me up instead of staying in a funk.

Today I emptied out my jar and read all of my incredible memories. I cannot tell you how hard I laughed at some of the things I had written down over the past year. I literally wrote EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Let's just say it became even more apparent that I am an odd and random person.

I plan on doing it again in 2014, and continuing on with the positivity. If you are stuck in a rut I highly recommend giving this a try. Remember, there is always something good in every day.



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