October 16, 2013

Crafts From Pinterest: Halloween Decor

Pinterest is my go-to website for decor ideas. With Halloween right around the corner it was time to figure out what I was going to create to decorate the outside of my house. These are some of my favorite D.I.Y decor ideas I found on Pinterest. 

Toilet Paper Roll 
Don't these look terrifying! I have already saved a ton of toilet paper roles so that I can put these in the bushes outside my house. I think the red glow sticks add an extra scary and spooky touch.

Glowing Surgical Glove Hands
I have never wished I had a pool or pond near my house until I saw these. These glowing hands would look perfect floating in a punch bowl or barrel for bobbing for apples.

Tissue Paper Spooky Window Cut-Outs
I have big plans for these tissue paper cut-outs. I found some spider webs at the dollar store that I am going to use in front of the green tissue.

Mummy Pumpkin
This is such a creative way to decorate a pumpkin. It is super easy to do, and would stand out among any plain old jack-o-lantern.

Hanging Skeletons
These are hilarious! Wouldn't they look adorable outside of someones house?!

How are you decorating your house for Halloween?



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