August 6, 2013

Follow Me Around: New Hampshire White Mountains!

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was fabulous and relaxing. Yesterday I was able to take a spontaneous day trip with my parents and sister to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I remember going there when I was in elementary school for a class trip, but haven't been ever since. We traveled to Lincoln, NH early in the morning, and went around all day to see the different sights and attractions. My Dad had never been on a train before so we took the Hobo Railroad through the mountains. While it is meant to be a ride for small children we all still had fun. After that we went over to Loon Mountain and road the gondola lift up and down the mountain. The view from the summit was absolutely breathtaking. I thought that I would share some pictures from the day with all of you. If you live near Lincoln or have the time to drive up there I highly recommend it!

Rainbow on our lift seat

Selfie with my sister on the train!


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