July 17, 2013

Beauty 101: How To Conceal Dark Circle!

Dark circles are just a fact of life. Whether you get them from staying up late studying or, like me, have always had them. Regardless of how you get them, they stink. Well, I am here to tell you how to conceal those bad boys. Here is the question I received on my Facebook page about it.

The Question
"How do I cover up dark under eye circles?  Which products actually work?"

What To Use
For dark under eye circles I would suggest using a corrector. A corrector neutralizes the dark colors under the eyes and will help to give a brightening effect that will make you look more awake. If correctors aren't your thing than a regular concealer will work as well. Make sure the concealer is one shade lighter than your skin tone so that you can still have that brightening effect. 

My Favorite Products
L-R: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch HIghlighting Concealer, Bobbi Brown Corrector
My favorite corrector is by Bobbi Brown ($23.00). It is creamy, and does an excellent job at neutralizing my dark circles and brightening my under eye area. A drugstore alternative is Maybelline's Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer (around $6.99). It comes in a convenient pen and is easy to blend. I actually prefer to layer these to give my eyes an ultra bright and awake look.

Final Thoughts
While dark circles stink they should never stop you from experimenting with makeup. They are extremely easy to cover up ,and with a touch of powder, they will stay away all day long! 

I hope this helped you. Feel free to send me more questions and suggestion!



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