June 26, 2013

Melvita Rose Floral Water: Review

Melvita Eau Florale de Rose
I've never been a fan of facial waters as I never saw the point in them. Why not just splash some water on your face? This is why I put this floral water from Melvita in a drawer when I got it as a sample in a Birchbox, and never thought about it again until recently.

One thing that this floral water has going for it is the scent. It is rose scented, and smells absolutely lovely! At times, rose can smell a tad bit grandmotherly (is that a word?), but I was pleased to find that it actually was quite light and smelled very luxurious.

I was interested to see if the actual product did what Melvita claims it does. It is marketed as a calming facial water that gives skin a pick-me-up. It also says that it works for sensitive skin which was a huge bonus for me as my skin can be easily irritated by certain products. I found that this did deliver in regards to the sensitive skin claims. This did not irritate my skin at all, and actually felt quite refreshing. I use it on days when I am not wearing any makeup and think my skin could use a bit of TLC.

I wouldn't say that I am completely converted, but I do enjoy using this floral water. Do I think it is necessary, no. It is however a luxurious product I would consider purchasing when I want to spoil myself a little.

Melvita Rose Floral Water retails for $22.00, and can be purchased here on Birchbox's website or wherever Melvita products are sold.



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