May 29, 2013

My Favorite Lip Combination For Summer!

I am becoming more adventurous with my lip products. Usually, I'm a lip balm girl. I've never been big on lipstick or lip glosses. Since I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone in other aspects of my life I figured I might as well also get myself out of my beauty comfort zone!

My favorite lip combination at the moment is MAC's lipstick in Creme Cup and MAC's lip glass in Pink Lemonade. 
L-R: MAC's Pink Lemonade and Creme Cup

Individually these lip products are pretty, but together they are gorgeous! They create the most beautiful and girly pink lip. It screams Summer!
L-R: Pink Lemonade, Creme Cup, Pink Lemonade over Creme Cup
Creme Cup is a cremesheen lipstick which is my favorite variety of lipsticks from MAC. They are moisturizing and feel light on the lips. Creme Cup is described as being a light blue-pink. There is a definite blue undertone to this pale neutral pink. It is the perfect shade a pink or anyone who is starting out with lipsticks and wants to still remain fairly neutral.

Pink Lemonade is the star of the show. It is described as a flamingo pink, and boy is it! It is a bright pink that at first scared me, but once I applied it I fell in love.

This lip combination makes me so happy. It has definitely gotten me out of my beauty comfort zone, and made me realize that there are so many other products that I have in my collection that I had previously written off that I should try. If you want a feminine and girly lip look for Summer than I highly recommend these two products!

MAC Lipsticks retail for $15.00 and the MAC Lip Glasses also retail for $15.00



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