May 7, 2013

Loving Yourself: Body Confidence

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Okay, so I'm not quite sure how to start this. I guess I'll just dive right in. Now, I don't know about you, but sometimes it can suck to be me. I know that it sounds a bit harsh, but let me explain.

Every single day we are bombarded with images and articles from the media telling us what we are meant to look like, and how we are meant to act. All of these messages tell us that our bodies have to be a certain way, our hair must be frizz free, and our skin has to be flawless. There is so much pressure that comes with being a woman in todays society. If you are a size 14 you are deemed worthless and chubby, however, if you are a size 2 you are too thin and sickly. Either way you just can't seem to win. Those models that we see everyday in magazines don't even look like that in real life. Photoshop and airbrushing are to blame and they really suck. They suck because they give us all unrealistic expectations about what our bodies should look like. Is there really only one type of beauty anymore? Of course the answer to that is no, but it sure seems that way.
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I tend to be a negative person when it comes to my body, but recently I have become fed up with my constant tearing myself down. Sure, my thighs touch and I have a bit of a stomach, but should that really define me? Does the fact that I have cellulite cancel out the fact that I am a loving sister and daughter? Does the fact that I wear a size 16 make me any less of a hard worker or good student? These are all questions I have begun asking myself. Should I allow something that in hindsight is so superficial and meaningless define my happiness? If you asked me 3 years ago I would have said yes, but now, I'm not so sure.

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So, I guess what I'm trying to say is screw it! Screw all of the voices in your head that tell you that you aren't good enough or that you should hate what you see when you look in the mirror. I am here to say that you are beautiful. I am beautiful. We are all fricken beautiful. Stop listening to what other people have to say about what you should look like, and just do what feels right for you.

The moment that made me reflect on how I view myself involves someone very dear to me. For years I would stand in front of the bathroom mirror and pinch the fat on my stomach or complain about the shape of my eyes. I thought that my hatred of my body only effected me, but I was very wrong. This finally dawned on me when my little sister began doing the exact same thing. I could not believe that she had picked up my nasty habit.
My little sister and I...Isn't she gorgeous?!
My sister is gorgeous, and in my eyes has zero flaws. I was so saddened to think that this beautiful little girl believed that there was actually something wrong with her. Sure, she didn't look like Selena Gomez or the other girls on the Disney Channel, but that's what made her so special. I had to start taking a hard look at myself, and came to the conclusion that the only way I could be a proper role model for her was for me to stop criticizing myself, and start loving myself.

 Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter did an amazing video about body confidence a few months back and I highly recommend that you watch it. She really has a way with words, and actually made me feel a lot better about myself after watching. YouTuber and singer/song writer Meghan Tonjes has a song called This Year that is also extremely inspirational and the perfect pick-me-up for a day when you aren't feeling so fab. It has become my go-to song for craptastic days when I need a boost!

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Something else that also helped me was to start finding role models that I could relate to. One of my favorite role models is Adele. She has to be one of the most kick ass women in the music industry today. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she also has a pretty awesome opinion on being body confident. Adele is one of those people that does not give a crap about what people think about her, and is comfortable in her own skin. She is the perfect example of beauty at any size. I seriously love her!

I hope this helped someone. I know it helped me to finally get this off my chest. Remember, you are perfect just the way you are! Now, I have a dare for you. I dare you to spend 5 minutes a day in front of a mirror and say what you like about yourself. Do you have pretty eyes? Well, scream it from the mountain tops! Do you have a great butt? Put on some Beyonce and work it! Put on your favorite outfit and let all of your amazingness soak in. Focus on feeling fabulous instead of on how you look or how other perceive you. Now, don't kill me, but I'm going to use an overly cheesy quote that I'm sure you have heard before.

 "Be yourself because everyone else is already taken."-Oscar Wilde



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