May 23, 2013

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment: Review

I did a post recently about starting to use up the samples I had accumulated over the past few years. You can read all about it HERE. I have really made an effort recently to use the samples and figured I would share the best and worst of the bunch.

The first sample I chose to use was a hair mask from Living Proof. I have always been a fan of hair masks, and wanted to give this one a whirl after my roommate was generous enough to give it to me. She said she didn't have any luck with this so I'll admit I was a little skeptical.
Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment

Living Proof claims that their Restore Mask Treatment will help to fix damaged and dry hair and make it feel like virgin hair. While 'virgin hair' seems like a strange way to describe soft hair, I digress.

This hair mask was creamy and had a very pleasant scent. I had high hopes for it.

I followed the instructions on the foil packet, and waited to see the results which I was pretty disappointed in. Well, I hate to say this, but I saw no difference in my hair after using this. I actually get the same results from my daily conditioner from Tressemme. Guess I'll just move on to the next sample!

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment retails for $42.00 and can be purchased at Sephora.



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