May 5, 2013

Aussie Sprunch Mousse And Leave In Conditioner: First Impressions

Aussie Sprunch Mousse And Leave-In Conditioner
Thank goodness that finals week is over! I am so excited to start the Summer and begin dedicating more time to my blog. Now, onto the review!

On a day to day basis I usually will heat style my hair. I have decided that I want to give my hair a break, and have been trying a bunch of different products that promise to help accentuate curls which is what I am interested in. The latest product I have tried is Aussie's Sprunch Mousse and Leave In Conditioner.

I picked this up this past weekend at Target because they were having a "buy 2 for $5.00" sale on Aussie products. I couldn't resist trying out another product that might be able to tame my curls.

The packaging of this product is very nice. I like how slim the bottle is, and how it would be easy to travel with since many people go away over the Summer. The nozzle was also easy to maneuver, but did take some practice.

The actual product I was not so thrilled with. I followed the directions on the bottle to a "T", but didn't see any change in my hair. The Sprunch spray guarantees to make hair softer and add bounce to curls. This product did neither. I really had high hopes for this product as I am in love with their 3 Minute Miracle, but this did not compare. I think I am going to give this a few more tries to see if it just takes time to see results. I will keep you posted if I see any changes!

Aussie's Sprunch Mousse And Leave In Conditioner retails for $3.99 at Target.



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