April 28, 2013

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist Haul: Reviews

I recently made a little trip to my local Victoria's Secret, and was on a mission to take advantage of their 5 for $30.00 offer for their Fantasies line. You could mix and match from a variety of fragrance mists, lotions, and shower gels. I decided to stick with fragrance mists as I needed to stock up for the Summer. Now, in the pictures below you may notice that I only have 4 fragrance mists instead of 5. Well, I decided to be nice and give my sister one of them which was a double of one that I picked up. Now that we have solved the mystery of the missing fragrance mist let's move onto the reviews!
L-R: Coconut Passion, Such A Flirt, Pure Daydream, Forever Pink
Fragrance Mists:
~ Coconut Passion is the perfect combination of vanilla and coconut. I usually don't like the scent of coconut, but this is my one exception.
~ Such A Flirt contains starfruit and white orchid. It is a very fruity scent that has very nice lasting power. 
~ Pure Daydream is my favorite of the scents I picked up. It contains pearl orchid and pink currant, and it is simple devine as an every day scent.

~Forever Pink contains pink tuberose and pear. This is the more sophisticated of the scents I purchased and think it will be very nice to use during the evening as a warmer scent.

Victoria's Secret fragrance mists usually retail for $12.00, but they have a deal for 5 for $30.00 that should definitely be taken advantage of!



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