April 4, 2013

Staying Positive: My Happiness Jar

Today I am going to share something very personal to me. I have been keeping a Happiness Jar since January 1st, and thought I would share my experience with it.

I have always been a negative person. When I say negative I don't mean that I would walk around all day being angry, but rather that I tend to dwell on the negative moments in life instead of trying to find the good. I decided to change all of that on New Years. I've never been the type to make New Years resolutions, but this year I decided to break tradition and give it a try. I wanted to chose something that I felt I could stick with, and decided to focus on my happiness. I was getting tired of focusing on events and people who had impacted me negatively. I wanted to remember all of the happy memories and people who had lifted me up and made me feel good.

That is where my Happiness Jar comes in! I had seen something like this on Pinterest before, and decided that the new year was the time to give it a try. I found myself a mason jar, and got started. You can seriously put anything in this jar. I write down things from big events I went to, a good grade I received, and even when I get a compliment from someone. Each little thing makes a bad day seem a little bit better.

It took some getting use to, but now it is part of my regular routine. My jar is so full right now that I may have to get a bigger one! Since I started I have noticed that my attitude has changed completely. I focus less on bad things and spend more time enjoying myself and thinking about the fun things I have done.

If you are looking for a change or want to try and add some positivity into your life than I would highly recommend giving this a try.



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