April 5, 2013

Olay Luscious Embrace Body Lotion: Review

Olay Luscious Embrace Body Lotion
I've never been the type of person who uses body lotions, but after the rough Winter we had I noticed my skin needed some TLC. I received a tube of Olay's Luscious Embrace body lotion from my Mom a few months ago, and since then it has just sat on my desk unused. I decided recently to give it a try, and see if it would help my poor skin.

The first thing I noticed about this lotion is the scent. It smells so good! I'm terrible at describing scents so here is what was on the bottle. " Discover the lush, flourishing beauty of the Amazon when you plunge into this rich emulsion with jojoba butter and crushed orchid extract." Well, if that doesn't just sound devine! I honestly cannot get enough of the scent of this. It's floral, without being too overpowering. It is the perfect scent for Spring.

Now, onto the formulation of the product. I was surprised by how thin the consistency was. It's not a bad thing, but I was just expecting a thicker consistency. Anyway, the lotion itself is very easy to rub in, sinks into the skin almost immediately, and leaves behind no greasy residue.

Onto the results! I really liked how light this lotion was. It didn't work very well on rougher areas like my elbows, but everywhere else I used it was ultra moisturized! I was very impressed with how well this worked. To be honest, I would repurchase this solely for the scent which lasts forever. It's to die for! Another bonus for me is how big the tube is. It's GIGANTIC (8.4 FL oz)! I don't see myself running out of this any time soon.

Olay's Luscious Embrace body lotion retails for around $6.00 and can be purchased wherever Olay products are sold.



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