April 23, 2013

My Most Embarrassing Moment (As Of This Week...)!

Every now and then there are moments in life where you can't believe that something has or is happening to you. Unfortunately for me these moments happen a lot more frequently than I would like. I just seem to be a magnet for awkward situations. I thought it would be fun today to look back at all of those situations, have a good laugh at myself, and share my top 3! Let's get started!

I Am Not Jennifer Lawrence:
What I am about to tell you has happened to me so many times that I have lost track. I recently tweeted that I could make a career of falling in front of attractive men, and I wasn't joking. Last week I was walking to the main campus of my school for a work meeting. I was running a bit late, so lets just say I was speed walking. I'm already fairly uncoordinated while regular walking so the fact that my short stubs for legs were working overtime did not help me. I got to the step of the main building on campus, and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to distract myself even further by taking out my phone to check the time. I should also mention that as I am pulling out my phone I am also starting to walk up the steps. Actually, I didn't even make it up the first step. You see, in the millisecond that I was looking at my phone I had completely missed the first step and was now on my decent to the ground. 

Now, you may be thinking that I looked a little something like Jennifer Lawrence when she fell at the Oscars. She was graceful wasn't she? Well, I am sad to report that I did not look as graceful. In fact  I was a hot mess if I do say so myself. Not only was I now draped on the steps of a building in a pretty popular area of Boston, but my hair had also decided to work against me and completely flip over my head to also drape across the steps. In my head I was thinking of a million different things. Did anyone see me? Was I graceful like Jennifer? Of course not silly! To make matters even worse (if that is even possible) I hear a voice above me saying, "Um...are you okay?" I flipped my hair back over my head and looked up into the eyes of very attractive man. Usually in this type of situation I would just try to play it off and laugh at myself and try to make some kind of a cute joke, but not this time. My brain decided it hated me that day. You want to know what happened this time? My eyes opened about as big as they could, because you know there is nothing sexier than a girl that is staring at you like a newborn seeing for the first time, and I let out on of the most shrill, bloodcurdling, and creepy laughs I have even done in my entire laugh. I sounded like one of the goats from those goat remix videos mixed with a crazed lunatic. It was not pretty. Let's just say that Mr. Handsome was not impressed either and had a look of terror on his face as he went to help me get up. You may think the story ends here, but no. Not today. Instead of letting him help me up I decided it would be a good time to pop up off the ground like Jack-In-The-Box, and shock the crap out of the poor guy who now jumped back as I hightailed it into the building, scraped ankle and all not looking back as if my life depended on it. 

Now, I hope this cheered up someone's day to realize that I am more of a weirdo than you will probably ever be. It was pretty fun having a laugh at myself.



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